Flavoured Water!
A fun and easy way to make water more appealing to the taste buds. The addition of herbs and fruit can give your water a subtle yet satisfying flavour; they’re not super sweet though so don’t compare them to store bought soft drinks and flavoured water.

What You Need
+ Fruit and herbs: Some good combinations are listed above. You can also Google “flavored water” to find heaps of others that people have tried.
+ Jug or pitcher: Make it a litre or two.
+ Wooden Spoon or Muddler
+ Water (filtered if possible)

What You Do
1. Wash all the fruit and herbs. Chop herbs to look neat but make sure you bruise them by rubbing them between your hands/fingers. Chop up fruit.
2. Put all ingredients into a jug.
3. Using the wooden spoon, bruise and in some cases slightly mash the fruit so that their juices can mix with the water.
4. Fill with water and ice. Serve or place in the fridge.

+ This is great for keeping in the fridge and filling you water bottle from.
+ Good idea for guests as well.
+ You can also combine this with our Iced Tea recipes to make even more intense flavours!

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